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Ivor Andrew

Brand Identity & Website Design

Ivor Andrew is a marketing agency that specializes in industrial manufacturing and machining clients. The brand utilizes racing motifs, custom culture, vintage photography and Americana references to communicate the values of hard work and timeless quality. The result is a brand language that speaks to the enduring craftsmanship of the past while striving to shape the future.


Team: Ivor Andrew
Creavite Direction: Keith Booton and Doug Carter
Logo Design: Joana Lupa


Beauty Minus Beast

Album Artwork

"Follow me down to the old dusty road. I don't quite know where it goes. We'll walk for hours amongst all the flowers, magnolia, lily and rose... but that was so long ago." - lyrics from The Bird Path

Beauty Minus Beast is a contemporary folk musician that requested album artwork for his 2013 EP and series of singles. The artwork is designed to be weathered, nostalgic and trigger distant memories of lost summer romance.




Laser Precision

Brand Identity & Website Design

Laser Precision is a world-class innovator in metal cutting and fabrication. They needed a new brand and website to reflect their mission of producing the highest quality parts and always delivering on time. 


Team: Ivor Andrew
Creavite Direction: Doug Carter
Photography: Stuart Hotwagner


ARAE by Rachael Levine

Art Direction & Lookbook Design

ARAE is a womenswear designer from Chicago, Illinois. This 5.5" x 7.75", 32 page lookbook was produced for the label's Autumn / Winter 2014 collection. 


Fashion and Textile Design: Rachael Levine
Model: Megan Graveline
Photography: Michael Herbert & Brad McCree


The Haunting of Willowood

Illustrated Children's Book

The Haunting of Willowood is a children's book about a lonely ghost and his pet owl whose encounter with a peculiar boy during a night of haunting teaches him a lesson about kindness.



Toddler Royalty

Art Direction & Lookbook Design

Toddler Royalty is a clothing line for creative young princesses. The look book is designed to capture her youthful, artistic energy while maintaining a cool, tasteful, contemporary attitude.


Creavite Direction: Heather Parkin
Photography: Cynthia Post


Dead Run

Photography and Design Zine

Dead Run was created as a platform for learning and experimentation in the fields of graphic design, photography and writing. The 36 page zine experiments with visual styles pioneered by early graphic designers, specifically Alexander Rodchenko and other Russian constructivists. In addition to the graphics story, “Construction on Black,” this issue features a series of images documenting the beauty of Chicago’s winters.



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