Clarke Aquatics

Clarke is an environmental products and services company that provides mosquito control and aquatic services to lakes and ponds across the United States.

I was tasked with designing Clarke’s 2017 annual sustainability report to the theme of “Building On…” In addition to showcasing Clarke’s growing capabilities and facilities, they wanted to highlight the company’s environmental efforts with infographics and employee stories.

After finishing the sustainability report, Clarke wanted to apply the visual language used in the report across their brand and social channels.


Defining a strong photographic style was essential for strengthening the brand’s social media presence.

Clarke was provided with a social media image style-guide. They were encouraged to get up close and personal with the animals and plant life in the habitats they treated and to showcase people using the healthy ponds and lakes to their full potential. Adhering to a strict color palette also helps build the brand and strengthen the Clarke experience across all touch points.


* Team at Ivor Andrew // Creative Director: Doug Carter