Natural Light


I've captured all of my favorite photos using Ilford XP2 black and white film, but the cost of developing adds up quick. What is the best way to capture that aesthetic digitally? One Sunday morning, I set out to see if I could recreate the characteristics that I've grown so fond of.

I really like the graininess, high contrast and imperfections of film. In my photography, I am always looking for a mood that feels painterly and rich in texture.

For this project, I wanted to use my new digital camera (a Sony a6000) to create this effect. I found a location with great natural light. The sunlight through the leaves created a beautiful impressionist-style atmosphere. I shot through a dusty piece of acrylic that reflected the sunlight into the camera, creating a light-leak effect. The shadows that landed on the acrylic also added an additional layer of depth to the images. 

Alex Laniosz